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Welcome to Lives, Loves and Twilight, a site dedicated to all things that make us happy; from films and art to health and lifestyle. And of course all of this influenced by the sensational world of Twilight...!

For the Love of Twilight

If I say the names Bella, Edward and Jacob most people will recognise them as characters from a very famous film and if not then they have probably been living under a rock for the last six years!! I am not one of those living under a rock. I can’t quite remember what my initial thoughts or expectations were before the first film hit our cinema screens but the idea of a mysterious, sultry-looking vampire falling for a small town, innocent femme fatale will always spark excitement and a longing for the same experience. So the film was a hit from the get-go.

I didn’t read the books first, which in a lot of ways I was glad. The characters in a book have a very secret place in my mind and they are mine to keep reflecting on or visiting again when I return to the book. And they are never the same as the actors chosen for the film. I know Edward would not look like Edward in my secret world, and that’s not to say he would look any better, he would just be different…and the most important thing is…he would not be Edward.

Time for a Bit of Health

So in my dreams of being a perfect Bella (although my Bella tends to lean more to the Victorian dresses rather than jeans, one coming to mind is the beautiful one worn by Celine Dion in her video for ‘It’s all coming back to me now’…), anyway my imagination running riot again…!

As I was saying I have decided to look good for the summer, and Edward…or Jacob, by taking care of myself and losing a few pounds. I have bought into the new health craze which is called The Venus Factor and hope it will be of some assistance in my quest to be a perfect Bella. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I will be watching the films from the beginning again and starting on the first book. I know, I know, how can I be a raging fan if I haven’t even read any of the books? Shame on me and apologies Stephanie. I just don’t want it to spoil the magic I already have, I know I would be in the same position if it was the other way around, although the films would be a lot harder to avoid!

The problem is that I can never really join the two; meaning the book and the movie, as much as they are of the same story, they tell it in such a different way that I end up seeing a different story. This all started when I was little and I read ’101 Dalmations’…yes ok, a little different, but I’ve got a point. I was so excited about the finishing the book and the enjoyment I got out of it that when it came to the cinema I couldn’t wait to see it. But what a disappointment that was, the film itself was great but it was nothing like what I had imagined and I was proper distraught!

And this has nothing to do with the topic of this post… as usual but I am now on a health kick and going back to Edward (or Jacob) to give me that motivation to keep on track.

Now which film was it that Jacob removed his shirt…?