Out of all the Twilight movies, there is only one that has the complete wow factor in character transformations. Most of you will have guessed straight away which chapter I am referring to and, after watching it multiple times, still has me mesmerized, shocked, pained and excited all in one go. Without a doubt, for me, one of the most awesome physical effects of the human body in movie history.

Bella’s Pregnancy

Yes it is the deterioration of Bella’s body as her baby grows at a rapid rate in the womb, depriving Bella of the vital nutrients that she needs to stay healthy. This decline in her health is somewhat uncomfortable to watch, as her weight drops and bones begin to show through her skin, particularly on the hips and cheek bones. And if you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you have that little peak of joy when you lie down and can feel your hip bones or look in the mirror and can suddenly see the hollow in your cheeks. But Bella’s weight loss is extreme and as much as you know it is make-up the weaker she gets, the more amazing the effects are on her appearance.

Edward’s Torment

Throughout all of Bella’s agonising downward slope is the love of her life, Edward, who is pacing in the wings, struggling with the reality that he cannot help the woman he loves; his new bride. He never truly came to terms with the fact that Bella became pregnant while they were still on their honeymoon and disagreed with Bella’s decision to keep the baby, even though it was literally tearing her up inside. All he could do was be there for her, honour her wishes and agree to accept their child in place of her.

The Child Within

Being a mother myself I know exactly how it feels to have another human being living inside of you, feeding from you and growing in the protective home you have provided for it. Your body goes through some remarkable changes, not to mention the sudden appearance of thousands of stretch marks (which, may I say, Revitol stretch mark cream did wonders for), yet seeing what Bella went through makes your experience somewhat close to a walk in the park.


From the very first moment you find out you are pregnant, nothing else matters but keeping that child, that embryo, as safe as you can and ensuring that he or she gets exactly what it needs to grow strong and healthy. So Bella’s love for her baby and her ultimate sacrifice of her life is no surprise and would have pulled at the heart strings of many a parent who possess that feeling of unconditional love. And to know that it is an impossible situation to be in makes the storyline only more hard-hitting; leaving a life and people she loves to either die forever or live the life of a vampire.

A Creature is Born

Then comes that horrifying moment when her body breaks and the child has to be born. I don’t think I will ever be able to watch that scene without clenching on something, squeezing my eyes shut or making some inaudible sound that tries to shield my own body from the pain and horror that Bella is suffering. Her body is broken, her end is near and a child has to be saved.

Edward and Bella’s daughter is taken from the womb and for a moment all is special, loving and captivating until the reality of a mother’s last breath is known. All that can be heard from around the world either shouting out loud or deep within is: ‘turn her Edward, turn her!’

It seems like forever before he actually gives her the vampire bite that will hope beyond all hope bring her back from the dead and into a different world, one truly with her husband. This is where, as she is lying motionless, enveiled in death that you see the true extent of how her body has been left…grey skin on bone. Of all the special effects I have seen, Bella’s lifeless body has got to be the most amazing.

The Vampire Born

This is where the excitement is and the hope that a vampire’s venom has enough ‘life’ to take hold and grow from; to transform this lifeless soul back into a new, strong and beautiful Bella. Slowly it seeps through her body like a disease; a disease to the dead, covering every part of her body, mind and soul, repairing bones broken, smoothing damaged skin and pumping an age-old blood through her veins. The effects are magnificent and a wonder to watch, silently wishing that life could be that kind, that magical and perform a miracle. And when her eyes open, you know in that split second that the old Bella has gone and a new vampire has been born.

Teenager Turned To Corpse. Corpse Turned To Beauty