Experiencing a good movie like Twilight can sometimes inspire you to write a novel of your own, and I am no exception. I love writing and since the day I found a pad and pencil, have always had some literary project on the go. I think it is the sheer excitement of creating any situation, any person, any story that you want and being able to savour each one of them onto a physical form to re-visit whenever you want is absolute magic.

True adventures come from starting out with a blank sheet of paper (or a flashing cursor) and line by line new characters are created with intriguing lives and stories that can keep the reader yearning to find out more.

But creating great story-lines is only half the magic…learning how to use each word to successfully create the right atmosphere is a true art form. How many times have you read a book and could easily imagine all of the surroundings, the smells, the sounds, as if you were really there? That is an example of good writing; being able to transfer all those sensory experiences into words and describe in minute but simple detail the world where you want your reader to be themselves.

So is it just a case of having the gift of being able to put the right words in the right order and being able to describe a scene so that the reader is automatically transported there? Or can it be learnt?

The answer I think is both but you also have to have a love of writing and the passion and patience to effectively unravel a scene. Nowadays there is a wealth of information from on-line content to educational books like Descriptosaurus, so obtaining the knowledge is easy…having the determination and motivation to make it to the end is another story altogether!