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Why is Twilight so Good?

By Melissa Rowe, 5th February 2021

We all love an adventure, especially if it’s wrapped in fantasy. 

And throw in some intrigue, a sprinkle of action, a romance…or two…and you have a perfect recipe:

Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy,
boy turns out to be a a young, age-old vampire…
Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy,
boy turns out to be a new, coming-of-age werewolf…

Welcome to Twilight.

A tale that has all the spills and thrills, twists and turns, and characters to love that help bring it all to life – it’s great when you find a story like that and even better when it’s made into a blockbuster movie

The Twilight Movie Trailer

A Newfound Obsession

Films are great for filling our imaginations and feeding them far after the title credits have finished. 

I remember the first time I saw the first of the Twilight saga movies – at the cinema, with my friend – and we couldn’t wait to discuss our new found love, our words falling over each other to remember and revive our own recollections of it. We knew with such excitement that it wouldn’t be the only time we would see Edward, Bella and Jacob…and that was just movie one!

I, unfortunately – or fortunately – had not read the books by Stephenie Meyer before I saw the first Twilight movie so I had no idea what to expect. 

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