So, I have started on my quest to look like Edward’s Bella… or Jacob’s Bella, I’m not really fussed…depends what day it is ;-).

And why? Well I would love to say it is because I’m auditioning for a part to be the next Mrs Cullen but my dream of starring in the remake of Twilight is unfortunately, just that…although if you’re reading Ms Meyer… 😉

No my true reason is because I’m on a health kick. I’ve been watching Bella for too long and I aspire to be like her. I know I’m not going to wake up one morning and see her perfect features looking back at me but I can at least try to fit into her wardrobe clothes…and that beautiful wedding dress.

The junk food has been eliminated (eaten) and lots of fresh veg and fruit has now taken its place. If I am tempted to eat anything containing a ton of calories, I just imagine Edward is standing next to me and the urge is suddenly not so strong.

Thinking back to Bella and her ‘perfect’ figure, I can’t help but wonder that if…WHEN I turn the scales to my favour, I will be happy with the way my body looks. Ok, I won’t be Ms Swan nor will Mr Cullen or Mr Black be knocking on my door, but life will be a little better and fitter than it is now.

And talking of fitness…

One of the many reasons I love Twilight is the setting, those beautiful, rolling hills and dense forests. I live in a town and try to visit the countryside as much as possible but to wake up every morning and experience all that fresh air would be wonderful.

In my challenge to look like Bella I’ve taken up field sports; netball and rugby, although my mom’s not too convinced rugby is the way to go (and witnessing as many injuries as I have in the short time I have been doing it has had me having doubts too). But at least I’m getting out in the ‘sort of’ fresh air and increasing my fitness levels – and of course a bonus for when I’m fighting off the not-so-nice vampires!

And, touching on the Twilight memorabilia, I wouldn’t mind wearing a hoodie with my favourite Twilight character in the hopes it would encourage me to get out on the field. With either Edward or Jacob behind me, I’m sure I could smash the record for rugby tries!

I have also decided to start watching the movies again. It has been a while since I have visited Forks; the place where it all began and my heart needs to take flight again.

It’s rare when a story takes hold of you so much and an experience never to let go of. Where we can dream of being a part of it all, either as an extra or as one of the main characters. How would we react? Where would our decisions take us, or would we be happy to live out the storyline as carved out by the author?

There has only been one other movie that has moved me enough to want to be a part of it. Dirty Dancing. Another great movie and of course another ravishingly handsome leading man. In fact I was so besotted with Johnny that I started liking this boy at school – because his name was Jon! A great movie no matter how many times I watch it…and don’t even get me started with Javier from the second movie; Dirty Dancing Two…phew!

So, back to my hope of looking like Bella…I’ve figured that having an imaginary heroin or hero by your side when you’re trying to tackle a challenge, is not at all a bad thing. And if Edward was to stand in front of me when I momentarily stop at the cake store then becoming a size zero is not going to be such a hard job after all. Maybe I could give getting thrown to the ground in a rugby tackle, a miss after all!