We all love an adventure, especially if it’s wrapped in fantasy.

A little intrigue, a sprinkle of action, a romance…or two…and you have a perfect recipe:

Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy turns out to be a a young, age-old vampire…
Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy turns out to be a new, coming-of-age werewolf…

Welcome to Twilight.

A tale that has all the spills and thrills, twists and turns, and characters to love that bring it to life – it’s great when you find such a story and even better when it’s made into a blockbuster movie!

The Twilight Movie Trailer

A New Found Obsession

Films are great for filling our imaginations and feeding them far after the title credits have finished.

I remember the first time I saw the first of the Twilight saga movies – at the cinema, with my friend – and we couldn’t wait to discuss our new found love, our words falling over each other to remember and revive our own recollections of it. We knew with such excitement that it wouldn’t be the last time we would see Edward, Bella and Jacob…and that was just movie one!

Before the movie, I, unfortunately – or fortunately – had not read the books by Stephanie Meyer so I had no idea what to expect.

But I was hooked.

And how could I not be? A mixture of young love, dark secrets and gorgeous adversaries captivated my attention. I was seduced by a vampire’s moody and attractive demeanour; a hint of danger reflecting in his eyes – to his rival; the beautiful, muscular physique of a Native American werewolf, his desire growing silently in the shadows.

It is all that a good fantasy tale should be.

The Twilight Characters

There are some fantastic characters throughout the books and the first movie introduces us to some complex individuals with interesting back-stories that can hold a novel all on their own. They help spin the ever-enchanting events that make both the books and the movie a success.

From the aged and wise Billy Black of the Quileutes Native American tribe, who captured our hearts with his kind and secretive ways, to Bella’s unsuspecting father, Charlie Swan, (although we do have to let him off a tiny bit, I mean who would guess your daughter is dating a vampire?!)

I love them all and I particularly like watching the vampire Jasper Hale who struggles to keep his thirst for human blood under wraps. Dare I say he is kinda cute…? Maybe if I was a vampire myself and wasn’t in fear for keeping my blood cells in my body, I would definitely like to get to know him too – although he is very much taken by Alice…

The delightful vampire Alice Cullen; the wife of Jasper Hale. An enchanting free-spirit who instantly takes to Bella, and helps her see her future and the dangers that lie within it.

Jacob Black. The young boy who ‘suddenly’ matures into the perfect male form, albeit not until the second movie… Jacob is the son of Billy Black. He has lived in the town of Forks all of his life and has known and loved Bella since they were children.

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen; the main characters of the Twilight saga. Their desire is captivating, his need for her intoxicating; a forbidden love that is destined for heartbreak and danger. Their relationship is a delight to watch and I’m sure many a girl has wished their own fate to turn out like Bella’s, no matter the sacrifices.

A Bitter Love Triangle

But there’s nothing more exciting than a good, old-fashioned love triangle where two love interests are trying to fight for one person’s affections.

Bella Swan is the heroine, and her feelings towards both Edward and Jacob are complicated. As an onlooker, you will her to choose Edward but you also want her to be with Jacob.

Cue Team Edward vs Team Jacob! We fans take things seriously you know.

But both Edward and Jacob are such beautiful specimens – with such drastic differences. But we stand by Bella’s decision…most of the time… the love triangle that makes for fantastic and exciting viewing.

Or reading…

Which brings me on to another subject; the books.

From a Book to a Film and Visa Versa

Like I say, I was one of the many that saw the movie before I read the book – or even knew anything about the original story. And I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to read the book first and make my own assumptions of Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Reading a book is so very different to watching the film it is based on.

I first experienced this when I was a young girl. My dad took me to the movies, hoping to see some new action film like Star Wars…Star Trek or some such like, but when we arrived, I was shocked to see that 101 Dalmations was showing! I couldn’t believe it – I had just finished reading the book. I pleaded with my dad to go see this classic cartoon instead and begrudgingly he agreed…good ol’ Pops.

Anyways, off we went to see this non-science fiction, non-blockbuster, and I couldn’t wait to see my characters come to life on the big screen.

Oh how disappointed I was!

Even now, it is the only thing I remember about the film.

It was nothing like I had just read.

Yes, the story was the same but everything was just different. The characters, the set, even the words, were all just…different.

I can’t even tell you whether the movie was any good, I was so distracted on how different it was.

Now, of course, I know that movies and books are very rarely the same; there are just too many subtle differences that make them an entirely separate stories.

Most of the time it doesn’t really matter but when you’ve fallen in love with a story in a book – the exact story – you are its fan, its follower and anything else that deviates from that is just…wrong.

The characters grow and develop in your mind, they take shape by the words used and the images that you add in to piece together their personalities, looks, charisma…and when that image is replaced by somebody different and not who you enjoyed creating in your imagination, that movie has failed you.

All I will say is Dorian Grey…

But I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie in the Twilight trilogy, and when I did turn my attention to the written word, I was already expecting it to be different so I wasn’t surprised.

But that is a whole different article…or rant.

So, it seems, that whatever you experience first – whether that be the books or the movie – that is where your devotion will lie.

And Twilight will always have a special place in our hearts. Edward and Bella, Bella and Jacob; the love triangle that captivated us for so long…and for many of us, still does.

And not forgetting the whole premise of the story. A vampire is a vampire, a human a human, their worlds are not to be crossed – until love strikes and makes a cold, dead heart beat again.

Now where did I put that Twilight DVD; this whole reminiscence has made me want to re-visit Forks and experience that first meeting between an innocent, fresh-faced 17-year-old girl and the moody, chiselled features of a blood-thirsty vampire.

Tonight it will be Edward.

But tomorrow will be Jacob…and not just because of that scene…