Well…not anymore!

[Update] I wrote this article a while ago when the Twilight phenomenon was still at its peak and was producing all sorts of memorabilia. But over time, the hype in this franchise has lessened, and so too has the merchandise.

But I’ve left the article as it shows just how mad things can get…and to also remind me that I should have bought those straighteners! [Update]

Whenever a new film comes out and it turns out to be a massive hit, a huge range of merchandise hits the shelves, from action figures and game boards to mugs, key rings and duvet sets.

And the Twilight franchise is no different.

I was reminded of this recently when I was searching the internet for a birthday gift. My other half loves collecting action figures, not the popular toy versions that I’ve always associated action figures to be of, but the more expensive, unique editions from collectable franchises and gaming retailers.

After much searching and deliberating over prices I found a figure that I knew he wanted; Iron Man from the film of the same name and made by Hot Toys. For the kind of figures he collects, the price is moderate so not such a dent in my bank balance and I know he will really appreciate it…which, at the end of the day, is the whole idea.

Then I saw Edward. As an action figure, collectible toy.

I don’t know why I was surprised, I mean I have seen plenty of merchandise based on the Twilight films, I just never thought about statues of the characters and maybe because I have been surrounded by action figures like Batman, Spiderman and Judge Dredd I have been somewhat brainwashed.

Bella’s Hair Comb

So, for curiosity and because I have way too much time on my hands, I dug around to see what else I could find.

From bookmarks to icing cake toppers, Edward Cullen’s hair straighteners and even Bella’s hair comb, I was not disappointed, and highly amused that I can now have the help of Edward Cullen to straighten my hair!

These are some other items I found with a Twilight theme…and yes even wigs!

Bookmarks | Duvet Covers | Necklaces and Bracelets | Pens and Pencils | Pencil Cases| Keyrings | Posters | Signed Autograph Prints | Drinking Mugs | Edward’s Hair Straighteners | Personalised Wedding Gifts | Badges | Jewellery Box | Wall Art Stickers | Water Bottles | Notepads | Stickers | Wall Scrolls | Personalized Door Plaques | Postcards | Gift Wrap Paper | Icing Cake Toppers | Wall Clocks | Cardboard Cut Outs | ID Cards | Wallets | Bags | Umbrellas | Clothing | Jigsaw Puzzles | Board Games | Wigs | Mouse Pads | Dolls | Action Figures | Perfume | Bella’s Hair Comb | Lunch Boxes | Bella’s Engagement and Wedding Band | Mobile Phone Cases | Bowling Bags

So, if nothing else, this post may give you some gift ideas for either yourself or others, and in light of getting married to my other half next year, I am quite fancying Bella’s engagement and wedding band, although I’m not too sure there will be a wedding if I insist on these.